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FRIDAY. June 6

GST politics 1, policy 0 Peter van Onselen The Australian
Policy On Wing and Prayer  Graham Richardson The Australian
Paris not binding but our word is  Graham Lloyd The Australian
Leyonhjelm has ignited outrage that is years overdue Stephanie Dowrick  SMH
LNP accuses Labor of ‘lies’ in crucial Longman by election  David Crowe SMH
Abbott accuses Bishop of backstabbing  Aaron Patrick  SMH
How the west won the GST battle  Ian Verrender ABC
There are more than two sides of politics Scott Ludlum  The Guardian
Why Libs have a million reasons to doubt policy  Matt Johnston   Herald Sun
Cultural pronunciation   Andrew Bushnell  IPA
Decentralisation push exposes bureaucratic hypocrisy  Chris Earl  The Spectator
Scott Morrison: NSW Treasurer’s ‘fairly made’ points on GST as ‘not new’ Ross Greenwood 2GB


GST plan lets smaller states off reform hook Jacob Gerber  AFR
Scott Morrison ends the GST  Philip Coorey  AFR
The week Tony Abbott went from feared to isolated  Philip Coorey  AFR
A modest GST reform that comes with pretty cheap bribes  Chris Richardson  AFR
Why do we still indulge windfarms Maurice Newman  The Australian
Prayer not enough, Mr Morrison  Graham Richardson  The Australian
One Nation tells voters to ‘put Labor last’ in swing seat of Longman  David Crowe  SMH
Power issues are fueling Liberal divisions  Sharri Markson  The Daily Telegraph
What public now knows because of FOI  Kylar Loussikian  The Daily Telegraph
Our overstuffed prisons are a powder keg  Jane Fynes-Clinton  The Daily Telegraph
Outgoing Defence Chief: China has breached its neighbours’ trust David Wroe  The Age
Our women are fighting for equal rights – for our children and our people Ngarra Murray The Guardian


China challenge in our region The Australian
A quick GST fix at expense of real reform AFR
High cost of keeping WA happy SMH
Carbon tax. It’s coming back  The Spectator Australia

The World Today

Thai Opposition Claims Victory

Thai Opposition Claims Victory

Military junta does not want to step down. Observers doubt that the vote will start a transformation of the country towards democracy.

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Labor Melbourne MP Michael Danby to retire Tom McIlroy  AFR
Bishop ‘never’ advocated for a woman Aaron Patrick  AFR
Wang Jian’s dangerously leveraged legacy The Lex Column AFR
So why are investment bankers paid so much? John Gapper AFR
Rude parents, sniping senators and cheeky teens: They have something in common Peter Kurti ABC
We must fight the erosion of civil rights while we still can Scott Ludlam The Guardian
Global agreement a bridge too far Judith Sloan The Australian
Bill burns business, dodges blame Niki Sava The Australian
NEG:’The Government is Kidding Us’ Tony Abbott The Spectator
Sally McManus Sillynomics Peter Smith The Spectator
Fascist, Faux and Real Peter Wales The Spectator
‘Is he kidding?’: Labor MP says China needs greater control of global media Deborah Knight 2 GB
Preselection Anxiety Spooks Both Parties James Campbell Herald Sun
Hanson-Young: Leyonhjelm Pay or Face Lawsuit Michael Koziol SMH
‘Time for renewal’: Michael Danby sees writing on the wall, retires from Parliament Benjamin Preiss SMH


Abbott can only make energy matters worse AFR



New GST Fairer For All  Scott Morrison The Australian
Danby Passion Will Be Missed  Greg Sheridan The Australian
Why Are We Still in A Climate Pact?  Graham Lloyd The Australian
Major Catholic church consultation ambitious – but will it succeed?  John Warhurst SMH
The XX problem holding Liberals back in NSW Alexandra Smith SMH
Struggling to understand Turnbull’s GST changes? You are not alone…  Jessica Irvine SMH
States get $9b top-up in GST fix  Philip Coorey AFR
Is it age that’s now driving the West’s political rage?  Alan Mitchell AFR
‘Sad’ Abbott demands withdrawal from accord  Tom Switzer Charles Jacob AFR
Lejonhjelm – The behavior that wouldn’t cut it in the corporate world  Graham Perret Daily Telegraph
Why some Nationals want Tony Abbott to stay in the dark on the National Energy Guarantee Lucy Barbour ABC
The Birth of My Son Was Traumatic and It is All Too Common Clementine Ford The Age


GST Changes Fall Short on Reform The Australian
Forget Paris this Deal is Folly Daily Telegraph


David Leyonhjelm is milking this moment, rallying his supporters with offence Katherine Murphy The Guardian
Women Have Become Losers in the Battle of Sexes Miranda Devine Daily Telegraph
David Leyonhjelm: Sarah Hanson-Young comments are ‘just abuse’ but not sexist Hamish Macdonald ABC
Sarah Hanson Young just got ‘Gillarded’ – and she won’t be the Last Dennis Muller ABC
More Questions Than Answers Corry Bernardi
Can the ASX keep its cool? Patrick Commins SMH
Prima donnas, politics, history: Who I can’t back in the World Cup Peter FitzSimons SMH
Abbott’s real agenda in reigniting favourite fire John Hewson SMH
Being a libertarian means never having to say you’re sorry Matt Holden SMH
Father, Forgive The Greens James MacPherson The Australian
I am I am not Aboriginal Jared Field The Guardian


Leave of Compassion Saturday Paper
Exodus from the World of Post-Truth PH-Tribune



Paris Deal Is Now Passe  Tony Abbot The Australian
Shock of the New Job Generators  Robert Gottliebsen The Australian
Why Are We Still in A Climate Pact?  Graham Lloyd The Australian
Ruined by the GFC, this business earned $12 million last year  Alexandra Cain SMH
A message for all Australians to consider as Archbishop is sentenced  Joanne McCarthy SMH
Ayers Rock and Statistical Legerdemain  Marc Hendrickx Quadrant
Capital trumps populism every time  Alan Mitchell AFR
‘Sad’ Abbott demands withdrawal from accord  Philip Coorey AFR
Lejonhjelm Shows Women Lose in Post-Chivalry World  Miranda Devine Daily Telegraph
Fiona the Underemployed Bettong v Malcolm Goldplated Trufflecustard Turnbull  The Guardian
Last week’s noise has had little impact on voters losing faith in government  Peter Lewis The Guardian
Same-sex marriage: six months on there’s much to celebrate, more to do Paula Gerber ABC


A milestone for victims of church child sex abuse SMH
Reliable and Affordable Power The Australian
The reality of coal versus the fake news of its death AFR


Exodus from the World of Post-Truth

West faces a tough choice: traditional politics of appeasement with economic benefits, and high moral price or separation and confrontation.


Australia: bagged by the court of international opinion Artur Chrenkoff The Spectator
Abandoning Liberalism is Going Viral Corrine Barraclough The Spectator
Statement from Australian Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young Sarah Hanson-Young
It’s plastic-free July. Extend it to the plastic in your wallet Melissa Brown SMH
Hanson-Young opens up about a decade of ‘slut-shaming’ in Australian politics Michael Koziol SMH
The Greens have had a good idea Nick Cater The Australian
Fiona, Stick To Your Knitting Judith Sloan The Australian
End the bipartisan slagging consensus Craig Emerson AFR
Current tax cut debate a tale of two populisms Sinclair Davidson AFR
Archbishop sentenced to 12 months’ detention for child abuse cover-up Nancy Notzon ABC
Last week’s noise has had little impact on voters losing faith in government Peter Lewis The Guardian
This is Australian-style sexism brought to you by a senator and Sky News Gay Alcorn The Guardian



We Deserve The Chance To Save Our Own Lives  Deborah Sims IPA
Universities of the Closed Mind  Matthew Lesh IPA
A Class Divide That’s Too Wide  John Roskam IPA
Women and Aboriginal children last  Jenna Price The Age
Is Labor gunning for small business?  Max Newnham The Age
Labor is Looking More and More Shifty on Israel  Caroline Marcus Daily Telegraph
Investors worth $1trn say no to coal  Ben Potter AFR
Australian companies warned of China threat  Lisa Murray, Angus Grieg AFR
Employers being ‘ghosted’ as tables turn  Pilita Clark AFR
Cultural left’s Ramsay revolt  Kevin Donnelly The Australian
Why Albo is not Labor’s answer  Troy Branstom The Australian
China-US struggle is damaging Australia Andrew Green ABC


Swan’s agenda will push Labor to far-left fringes   Australian Financial Review
China-linked bids for infrastructure should be vetted closely. The Australian

MONDAY. June 2

The politics of quitting plastic Stephanie Convery The Guardian
Childcare subsidy changes start today Julie Doyle ABC
The rich get richer while the poor get… richer too Robert Carling The Spectator
Bert Newton’s ‘trifecta of insults’ is just one sign of what’s wrong with the Logies Ben Pobije ABC
Newstart’s Hand-To-Mouth Existence Can’t Go For Another 25 Years Jack Latimore The Guardian
The demerit system of Centerlink is ruthless Jeremy Poxon The Guardian
Bill is Shrinking Into His Role Peter van Onselen The Australian
Brace for China’s Perfect Storm Robert Gottliebsen The Australian
ABC Barred from Pacific Forum Greg Brown The Australian
This is a Key Moment About What Labor is Fighting for David Crowe SMH
Former Defense Boss Denied Entrance To Russia David Wroe SMH
Probe Reveals Organised Crime, Forgery Driving Australia’s Illegal Wildlife Trade Nicole Hasham SMH
Women Graduates will Hurt the Most Andy Marks SMH
Solar Debate: Its Time We Were Given Control Tim Williams, Lisa McLean Daily Telegraph
No State Worse-Off in GST Shakeup Philip Coorey Australian Financial Review
ASX Smashes Property as FOMO Flips Patrick Commins Australian Financial Review


Facebook Turns To Trusted Media  Mark Ritson The Australian
Star’s Aligns on ABC Bias  Chris Mitchell The Australian
Big Firms Don’t Deserve Tax-Cuts  Pauline Hanson The Australian
Rio Tinto Redesign For the New World Order  Matthew Stevens Australian Financial Review
Heartless Ad Cold Comfort for Aged, Poor  Andrew Bolt Daily Telegraph
Skill of Sniffing Out Racism Where None Exists  Andrew Bolt Daily Telegraph
Customers in Revolt Over The Big Bad Bag Ban  Piers Akerman Daily Telegraph
How long a shadow will Labor’s bout of doubt cast over Shorten?  Katherine Murphy The Guardian
Secret B-Team Saves Money for Taxpayers  Jessica Irvine SMH
Memo Canberra: it’s not taxes, it’s wages, stupid  Ross Gittins SMH
Size Matters and Voters Want a Say  Rita Panahi Herald Sun
The Ramsey’s Soap Opera Continues  David Long The Spectator


Australia’s Naval Ambitions Demand Outstanding Execution   Australian Financial Review
Tax Cuts Are Good But They Should Be Only The Beginning PH-Tribune
Shorten Exposed on Tax-Cuts The Australian
Gang Culture Beating Vic Police The Australian

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Latest Polls

IssuePoll DateResultsSpread 
Two party-preferredNewspoll July 1 Coalition – 49  ALP- 51ALP +3
Two party-preferredIpsos-Fairfax June 20-23 Coalition – 47 ALP- 53ALP +3.4
Two party-preferredSky News May 30 Coalition – 48 ALP- 52ALP +6
Two party-preferredAustralia Institute May 10 Coalition – 47 ALP- 53ALP +6
Two party-preferredMorgan Poll April 1 Coalition – 49 ALP- 51ALP +3
Primary voteNewspoll July 1 Coalition – 39 Labor – 37Coalition +2
Primary voteNewspoll July 1 Greens – 9 One Nation – 6
Primary voteIpsos-Fairfax June 20-23 Coalition – 35 Labor – 35
Primary voteIpsos-Fairfax June 20-23 Greens – 12 One Nation – 6
Primary voteMorgan Poll April 1 Coalition – 38.5 Labor – 37.5
Primary voteMorgan Poll April 1 Greens – 11 One Nation – 3
Better PMNewspoll July 1 Turnbull – 46  Shorten – 31
Better PMFairfax/ Ipsos June 20-23 Turnbull – 51  Shorten – 33

Latest Polls

Two party-preferred July 1 Coalition – 49  ALP- 51ALP +3
Two party-preferred June 20-23 Coalition – 47 ALP- 53ALP +3.4
Two party-preferred May 30 Coalition – 48 ALP- 52ALP +6
Two party-preferred May 10 Coalition – 47 ALP- 53ALP +6
Two party-preferred April 1 Coalition – 49 ALP- 51ALP +3
Primary vote July 1 Coalition – 39 Labor – 37Coalition +2
Primary vote July 1 Greens – 9 One Nation – 6
Primary vote June 20-23 Coalition – 35 Labor – 35
Primary vote June 20-23 Greens – 12 One Nation – 6
Primary vote April 1 Coalition – 38.5 Labor – 37.5
Primary vote April 1 Greens – 11 One Nation – 3
Better PM July 1 Turnbull – 46  Shorten – 31
Better PM June 20-23 Turnbull – 51  Shorten – 33

SUNDAY. June 1

It’s Business Unusual in ALP  Gerard Henderson Inquirer
Sorry Tax-Slip Won’t Kill Bill  Peter  Van Onselen Inquirer
Dutton’s Migrant Policy is Failing  Judith Sloan Inquirer
Europe is Waking Up, When Will Australia?  Peta Credlin Daily Telegraph
Hypocrisy’s Wholesalers  Paul Mitchell Quadrant
My Case for The Great Book Course  Bob Carr Inquirer
Don’t Give China Our Key Assets  Peter Jennings Inquirer
Bureaucratising Disability  Anonymous The Saturday Paper
It’s Not Dobbing, It’s Democracy  Peter FitzSimons SMH
Shorten Made ‘Honest Mistake’ on Tax  Tom McIlroy Australian Financial Review
Donald Trump, Best in the West  David Flint Quadrant
Australia’s middle class is being given a new look, and it’s not pretty  Greg Jericho The Guardian
When Senator Leyonhjelm told me to ‘stop shagging men’, I had to speak up  Sarah Henson-Young The Guardian
Half of Australian Workers Worse Off Under Shorten Company Tax Thought Bubble  Matthew Lesh IPA
Do The Right Thing  Cory Bernardi


Country of Deadly Illusions

Country of Deadly Illusions

In the 21st century it is impossible to create the Soviet Union 2.0, the same empire but at a higher technical level, claims Russian opposition politician Lev Schlosberg.

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New Nationalism will Weaken States

New Nationalism will Weaken States

The unity of a nation within the state and beyond will in many cases overwhelm the capacity of the state to control it stated Professor Paul A. Goble.

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“They Are Us”

“They Are Us”

Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern's words are the most powerful against the white supremacist narrative.

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