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Thank you for your interest in the PH-Tribune daily e-newspaper. Let us tell you briefly about our editorial standards.

What will you get?

Information free from fake news and disinformation  PH-Tribune provides daily fair, balanced and informative reports, reviews, analysis, and opinion on the issues which concern economic future of your household. We explain complex problems in an accessible but not a simplistic manner. PH-Tribune focuses also on the ongoing struggle for human rights introducing ‘silent’ heros from different parts of the globe. Thanks to the expertise and experience of PH-Tribune authors that are carefully selected, you will understand the true reality of contemporary global threats.

Why we can be trusted?

Experience  We are experienced journalists with over 25 years who reported on live breaking events around the globe, edited major daily newspapers and opinion magazines. We have an extensive network of trusted international experts and sources, who worked with us for several years.

Free from fake news.  We put maximum effort to ensure that information is tested against at least two independent sources before it is published. Our editors received an unique professional training in discerning and counter-acting against disinformation.

The highest quality opinion and commentary.  PH-Tribune diligently separates facts from a commentary. You will find opinions written by the best experts in their fields who will present diverse points of view.

Independence.  We are highly aware of importance of press independent from political and business interests therefore we refrained from any subsidies, grants or gifts from the state institutions as well as major contributions by individuals. PH-Tribune fully relies on subscribers like you and random advertisements.

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