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The Importance Of Moral Generosity

Christopher Jackson writes about the bourgeois values of Western culture and the diminishing importance placed on moral accountability:

“As religious observance has declined in America, it is no surprise, then, that Americans have become less generous. They give less money than they have in the past. And they also give less morally; they are tight-fisted with forgiveness, mercy, and forbearance”.

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Michel Foucault: Power And Struggle

Deborah Cook provides a discourse on the scholarly and seminal writings of the prolific French philosopher, Michel Foucault:

“Following Kant, Foucault criticized the practices that impede maturity, issuing a powerful warning against blind submission to the will of authorities. With Kant, he also insisted that the subject has a “right to question truth concerning its power effects and to question power about its discourses of truth”.

Nietzsche: The Contentious Philosopher

Nietzsche’s literary work and his philosophical perspectives that shaped it, has transcended through time and around the world, Alex Ross elegantly elaborates on this intellectual but polemic figure:

“Nietzsche’s most controversial concepts: the announcement of the death of God; the “eternal return,” which frames existence in terms of endlessly repeating cycles; and the will to power, which involves a ceaseless struggle for survival and mastery”.

The Power Of Books And Political Freedom

Duncan White shares his opinion on why totalitarian governments despise books and how ordinary citizens are able to overcome the evil regimes stronghold on book censorship:

“Wherever authoritarian regimes are growing in strength, from Brazil, to Hungary, to the Philippines, literature that expresses any kind of political opposition is under a unique, renewed threat. Books that challenge normative values, especially those with L.G.B.T. themes, have been hit especially hard”.

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