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Eating Local Seafood Can Improve Your Health

A recently published study, concluded that eating high quality, locally caught seafood plays an important role in managing a multitude of health issues, Dr Joseph Mercola elaborates:

“Micronutrient deficiencies account for an estimated one million premature deaths annually, and for some nations can reduce gross domestic product by up to 11%, highlighting the need for food policies that focus on improving nutrition rather than simply increasing the volume of food produced”.

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Narcissism Occurs In Every Generation

An American psychological study has found that narcissism can have negative and positive consequences for relationships and work. However, the level of narcissism decreased with age, Robby Berman explains:

“Interestingly, people often presume millennials are more entitled and narcissistic than previous generations, but there is a lot of research evidence showing that this simply is not the case,” says Grijalva”.

The Connection Between Taste And Nutrition

Jo Khan describes the varying factors that influences our change of nutritional food preferences throughout our lifetime:

“In nature, taste is what drives our body to consume different nutrients, and what deters our body from consuming potentially dangerous things”.

Can You Trust Your Doctor for Nutritional Advice?

Rachael Link, MS, RD explains why your doctor may not be the best person to provide important nutritional advice:

“In fact, research shows that medical school graduates around the globe are lacking in basic nutritional knowledge, and nearly one-third of programs don’t even require a nutrition course as part of their curriculum, leaving many physicians unprepared and ill-equipped to educate patients about nutrition”.

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