Simply Faith

The Christian Foundations Of Western Society

John Gray reviews Tom Holland’s book, that examines how the core values of western society are founded on Christianity:

“The trace elements of Christianity continued to infuse people’s morals and presumptions so utterly that many failed even to detect their presence. Like dust particles so fine as to be invisible to the naked eye, they were breathed in equally by everyone: believers, atheists and those who never paused to think about religion”.

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The Merit of Meritocracy

Joan Wong shares a selection of other writer’s views regarding the value of obtaining something by merit in modern society:

“Unlike aristocracy or democracy, there is no such thing as ‘pure’ meritocracy. Therein lies its claim to supremacy: Commitment to meritocracy allows one to embrace a diversity of perspectives on how goodness occurs, is known, and can be produced”.

Dictators And Their Value Systems

Sue Prideaux describes the characteristics, behaviour and value systems of notorious dictators from the past and present time:

“The dictator takes the place of God. In a post-religious century, faith in a providential leader serves as a substitute for religion. Shrines to Lenin and Stalin sprang up in the traditional Red Corner in Russian houses, where icons used to hang. Mao asked wonderingly, “What is wrong with worship?”.

Understanding The Principles Of Moral Justice

Emeritus Professor Joshua Cohen shares his discourse on the importance of justice and morality as proposed by John Rawls:

“Rawls’s large point is that we ought to reject the idea that our economic system is a race or talent contest, designed to reward the well-born, the swift and the gifted. Instead, our economic life should be one part of a fair system of social cooperation, designed to ensure a reasonable life for all…in justice as fairness”.

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