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Severe Mental Illness Decreases An Individual’s Life Span

Australian researchers have recently published a report, indicating that people who have a severe mental illness are at a higher risk of dying earlier, writes Olivia Willis.

“This was related to a host of lifestyle risk factors such as sedentary behaviour, side effects of psychiatric medications, and a lack of adequate physical healthcare, the researchers said.”

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Medical Misdiagnosis Can Cause Serious Harm And Even Death

Lauren Sharkey reports on a new journal article publication, that highlighted the dangers of patients being wrongly diagnosed by medical doctors.

“Over one-third of the (diagnostic) errors leading to death or permanent disability were linked to cancers. This figure reduced to 22% for vascular issues and 13.5% for infections.”

Pharmacy in Your Fridge

Dr Mark Hyman discusses the importance of using fresh fruits and vegetables to prevent and treat illnesses.

“All of the real, whole foods hiding in your fridge and pantry have incredible benefits waiting to be enjoyed, so consider your kitchen your own personal pharmacy. Using food as medicine is a surprisingly simple and empowering way to take care of your health every single day.”

Kosher Food Can Be Good For Your Health

Christine Ruggeri, CHHC explains in detail what is kosher food? How the health benefits of eating kosher foods can extend beyond the Jewish community.

“Jewish people believe that God commanded them to keep kosher, so they are connecting with God by fulfilling his command. They also believe that it was commanded by God because it will benefit both their bodies and souls to eat in this pure way.”

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