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Enforced Disappearance in Communist China

Swedish journalist and human rights advocate Mr. Peter Dahlin explains dangerous phenomenon of an illegal imprisoning

Enforced Disappearance in Communist China

by Guest: Swedish human rights advocate Mr. Peter Dahlin | PH-Tribune The World

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Our guest is Mr. Peter Dahlin, a Swedish journalist and the human rights advocate who together with Chinese lawyer Mr. Wang Quánzhāng established the NGO Chinese Urgent Action Working Group in Communist China. Both Mr. Dahlin and Mr. were arrested and disappeared.
Mr. Dahlin explains why it is so important for Western audience to understand the scope and depth of this particular form of the violations of human rights by Communist China.

Mr. Dahlin published testimonies of the forcibly disappeared human rights activists, lawyers and journalists and describe how the Chinese media are complicit in the crimes against human rights in his book “Trial by Media”.

This podcast is the first part of two part series with our guest Mr. Peter Dahlin.


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