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The Bible is not Intended for Use in Political Campaigns

Judd Birdsall and Matthew Rowley share their opinions on using the Bible for political gain.

“In our highly religionized politics there seems to be a corollary law at work: The longer biblically literate people engage in arguments about politics, the probability of a typological use of the Bible approaches 1. Whether comparisons involve negative biblical types such as Pharaoh and Haman or positive types such as Esther or Moses, they short-circuit discussion by sacralizing or demonizing political actors and agendas.”

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Democratic Renewal for the Love of Church and Country

George Weigel shares his views on liberal democratic renewal.

“Murray, John Paul, and Benedict were all convinced that the institutions of liberal democracy—popular self-government through democratic participation in republican representation; separation of powers; rotation in office; enumerated civil and political rights limiting the state’s reach into society—were dependent on a moral and cultural foundation those liberal institutions could not generate.”

UN Management of the Rohingya Crisis a ‘Systemic’ Failure

Asia News report on the crisis of the Rohingya ethnic cleansing and the plight of the Kayan Muslim refugees.

“The humanitarian crisis that affects the Rohingya is one of the worst in the world. The Myanmar government runs several refugee camps, with a total population of around 128,000 Rohingya and Kaman Muslims.”

We Are Truly Blessed

Rabbi Daniel Schwartz encourages us to be optimistic and satisfied in life and to not be ungrateful and pessimistic.

“I would like to offer another interpretation. When we say, “May God bless you,” we’re asking that God give us the ability to recognize the good that is in our lives. We’re asking that we (or others for whom we recite these words) be able to see beyond any hardships and see the positive that comes from a situation.

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Medical Cannabis is the Door to Legalisation of Narcotics

Medical Cannabis is the Door to Legalisation of Narcotics

While only a few will benefit financially from commercialising Cannabis, the legalisation of this drug will entail a series of unprecedented health and safety issues, as well as financial consequences for individuals affected and for society as a whole.

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