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Umbrella Movement Leader Throws Down the Gauntlet to Hong Kong’s Lam

Hong Kong people continued their protest in the government district

Mr Joshua Wong after his release with prison is standing next to Mr Nathan Law. The leaders of the Umbrella Movement vouched to defend personal liberties of Hong Kong people.  (Photo: AFP)

In Hong Kong, one of the leaders of the democracy movement regained freedom. The several hundred protesters stood at the government offices on Monday.  

The day after the mass protests in Hong Kong, activist Joshua Wong, one of the leaders of the democracy movement, went out of prison.The former student leader was forced to serve a two-month jail sentence in 2014 for his role in the Umbrella Movement. The authorities reduced his term by one month for good conduct.

The Umbrella Movement organised a protest in demand for the political reform in Hong Kong. With umbrellas, protesters had protected themselves against the sun and the pepper spray of the police.

After his release, Mr Wong immediately demanded the resignation of Hong Kong Prime Minister Carrie Lam. Mr Wong stated that the politician, who is close to leadership in Communist China, is “no longer qualified” as head of government. “She has to take responsibility and resign.” Ms Lam also had to “completely withdraw” the controversial legislative proposal, which allows for extradition to mainland China.On Sunday, Lam had begged the inhabitants of the city, for forgiveness. She had suspended the law, but this decision did not reassure the situation. 

Hong Kong protesters stand at the government offices

Meanwhile, the last protesters in Hong Kong have cleared the streets. At first, they had refused to follow a call from the police. They did not stop anyone from coming to work and would not leave until Hong Kong’s head of government came to hear them, a protester said over a microphone. After the mass demonstrations of the weekend, in which, according to the organizers, almost two out of the seven million Hong Kongers took part, demonstrators stayed overnight in front of the government building.

On Monday morning, several hundred people were in front of the government headquarters. In the afternoon the Communist China stated that it will not allow Ms Lam to step down. 

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