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Hormone Balance and the Eyesight

Amy Myers, MD explains the interesting association between women’s eye health and hormone balance.

“During pregnancy, your body is flooded with hormones including human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG), progesterone, estrogen, oxytocin, prolactin, and relaxin. These increased hormone levels can cause blurred vision as well as difficulty in focusing. Higher levels of these hormones can also affect your vision by making your eyes more sensitive to lightly.”

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The Durable Feeling That a Child Is Always at Risk

Rachael Pearson writes about the lifelong negative effects that overprotective parents can have on their sick children.

“Vulnerable-child syndrome was first described in 1964, in the journal Pediatrics. In what is now considered a classic article, Morris Green and Albert Solnit described twenty-five families in which a child had experienced a difficult birth or a life-threatening illness. They posited that such events can lead to a lasting perception, by parents, that affected children are particularly vulnerable to illness and death, even if the children recover completely and are pronounced healthy.”

Having Light in Your Room at Night May Lead to Weight Gain

Researchers have found that women who sleep with the light on have a higher risk of becoming obese. Rachael Rettner explains:

“The findings add to a growing body of evidence suggesting that light at night may be bad for health. Previous studies in animals have suggested that exposure to light at night may disrupt sleep and circadian rhythms, alter eating behaviors, and promote weight gain, the authors said.”

Low Fruit and Vegetable Consumption May Lead to Death

A new study has found evidence that lack of fruits and vegetables is associated with people dying from hear attacks and stroke globally.

“Based on 2010 data, researchers estimate that low fruit intake (defined as less than 300 grams, the equivalent of two apples) was to blame for 1.8 million cardiovascular deaths, while low vegetable intake (less than 400 grams, the equivalent of 3 cups chopped carrots) resulted in 1 million deaths.”

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