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Hong Kong Leader Apologises After 6 Hours Protest

Protesters reject her apology

Hong Kong Chief Executive Ms. Carrie Lam (Photo: AFP)

Hong Kong leader has acknowledged “deficits in government work” and has promised to accept the criticism “humbly”. Protesters rejected her apology. 

Faced with the mass protests in Hong Kong, the head of government Carrie Lam apologized to the citizens on Sunday. But she made that decision only six hours after nearly 2 million protesters demanded her to step down. Ms Lam admitted in a statement from her office “Deficits in Government Work”. These would have led to many conflicts and conflicts in society and disappointed and alarmed many citizens.

Ms Lam apologised to the citizens and promised to accept criticism “sincerely and modestly”. The government has understood that many people have gone to the streets against the law out of “concern and love” for Hong Kong.

The apologies were received, but not accepted by the protesters. 

Pro-Democratic activists rejected Lam’s apology. “This is evidence that Lam does not listen to the voices in the people”, commented the rights group Civil Human Rights Front on Sunday.

Ms Lam did not promise to withdraw the laws either apologised for the brutality of the police. Ms Lam did not say whether the arrested protesters would be released. Neither she addressed fundamental demand of the protesters: her resignation.

Communist China expressed “understanding” for Ms Lam

Ms Carrie Lam (62 y.) has been in office since July 2017. She is the first head of government in the Chinese Special Administrative Region. She made an oath to Communist China.

On Saturday Beijing stated that it “supports, respects and understands” the decision to suspend the law.

Ms Lam argued that the law was necessary to close “loopholes”.

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