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Hong Kong Students Appeal to Australians for Solidarity

Students organized a peaceful protest in Perth and collected signatures for the petition in the support of Hong Kong protesters

Hong Kong students in Perth protesting on June 16, 2019 in solidarity their compatriots who were brutally attacked by the police during the demonstration against the extradition laws imposed on the city by the Communist China.  (Photo: Hong Kong Students in Perth Facebook )

Black shirts, t-shirts, trousers and the signs that said No China Extradition, Stand with Freedom-loving People in Hong Kong – this is how the students together with other Hong Kongers in Perth protested yesterday marching from Queens Gardens to Elizabeth.


This article was updated on June 16, 2019.

More than 500 protesters, according to the organisers, took part in the march through the popular tourist route in Perth, hoping for attracting Canberra’s attention to the recent developments in Hong Kong.

Organisers in their statement, on social media, said, that the aim of the protest is the condemnation of the brutality of Hong Kong police, and the demand for Chief Executive Ms Carrie Lam to resign.

The participants carried signs and white flowers, to commemorate the first death of an anti-government protester, since the handover of Hong Kong.

Students also collected 1138 signatures under the petition to Government.

“Australians You Are Not Safe”

On Wednesday students in a peaceful protest at Yagan Square and Forrest Chase expressed their solidarity with compatriots whom police attacked with tear gas, water cannons, batons and rubber bullets during the peaceful demonstration of more than one million against the extradition law imposed on Hong Kong by Communist China.

“We are part of Hong Kong, and we love Hong Kong”, stated one of the organisers Ms Sherene Nee on her social media page. “It is gonna be tough, but we are tougher. If there is something that needs to be done, then now it is time”, she explained.

The students want that the Australian government to express its concern to the Hong Kong authorities regarding the potential threat to “human rights, safety and wealth of Australian citizens who work, travel or transit”.

“Extradition to China, Aussies you are not safe”, emphasised one of the signs held by the students.

Yesterday pedestrians had also an opportunity to sign a petition in support of the protests in Hong Kong. The petition urges the US Administration to execute so-called Magnitsky Act provision to revoke Citizenship and to arrest the assets of those responsible for the brutal crackdown on the protesters and for the legislation of the extradition laws, which the Chinese Communist Party has been imposing on Hong Kong.

The US Department of State is obliged to act if the petition gathers at least 100 thousands signatures.

It is likely that the United States will apply the Magnitsky Act to the individuals of the Hong Kong authorities. Yesterday prominent US Senators approached PM Lam with a special letter that placed the law in the context of human rights and urged her to withdraw it. One of the Magnitsky Act goals is to punish individuals for the enormous violation of human rights.

The Hong Kong students in Perth rightly stated the extradition law considered for approval by the Hong Kong authorities is a violation of human rights.

The protest in the centre of Perth organised by Hong Kong students in solidarity with Hong Kong protesters against the extradition law imposed on the city by Communist China. (Photo: Rainbow Tsang Facebook)

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