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Lack of Vegetable and Fruit Consumption May Cause Death

A new study has found evidence that the lack of fruits and vegetables is associated with death from a heart attack and stroke.

“Based on 2010 data, researchers estimate that low fruit intake (defined as less than 300 grams, the equivalent of two apples) was to blame for 1.8 million cardiovascular deaths, while low vegetable intake (less than 400 grams, the equivalent of 3 cups chopped carrots) resulted in 1 million deaths.”

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Strategies For Feeling Better About Your Body

Carol Raabus reveals the angst some women feel about their bodies and provides the strategies women can implement to achieve a healthier body image.

“Dr Sharp says throughout history women’s beauty has been considered their greatest asset “and if they don’t conform to what is considered to be beautiful at the time then they are dissatisfied”.

How to Stay Healthy this Winter

Raquel de Brito shares some informative tips on how to naturally boost your immune system and stay healthy.

“Rumble says garlic lives up to its reputation as a flu fighter. “Studies have shown that allicin, a sulphur compound found in garlic, can help fight off infection while boosting your disease-fighting white blood cells when you are hit with a virus,” she says.”

Sleeping with Light On May Lead to Weight Gain

Researchers have found that women who sleep with the light on have a higher risk of becoming obese. Rachael Rettner explains the reason of this mechanism. 

“The findings add to a growing body of evidence suggesting that light at night may be bad for health. Previous studies in animals have suggested that exposure to light at night may disrupt sleep and circadian rhythms, alter eating behaviors, and promote weight gain, the authors said.”

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