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Pollster Destroyed Authentic Poll Under the Peer Pressure

The story which reports Michael Koziol would be incredible if it would not be a confirmation already known sad state of mind of many who should never be allowed to lead social institutions. Their immaturity and weakness of personal character are true source of the troubles of democratic system. 

A leading market research agency tore up a poll showing Labor was in a much worse position than widely believed because it was worried the results did not match other published polls.

In a revelation that sheds light on why the nation’s pollsters failed to accurately predict the outcome of the election, Lonergan Research boss Chris Lonergan admitted junking the poll because he was “embarrassed” it was radically different to those of his competitors.

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A Candidate for UK PM a Former Drug User

The third British politician, a candidate for the UK PM confessed to the drug use.

Environment Secretary Michael Gove, 51, told the Daily Mail that using cocaine was a mistake and “something I deeply regret,” but he didn’t think it should exclude him from office, the newspaper reported Saturday. An upcoming biography of Gove includes the revelation of his drug use.
Gove is just the latest Conservative Party candidate in the crowded race to replace Prime Minister Theresa May to go public with confessions about using illegal substances.

Australia’s Police Defends its Media Raids

The images of police investigators downloading journalists correspondence, and other materials on the editorial hard drive shocked members of media around the world. Australian police explained that all of its action were normal. 

Commissioner Gaughan said the raids were part of an investigation and alleged there had been an unauthorised leak of national security information to journalists.

“I reject the claim we are trying to intimidate journalists,” he said.

“The AFP is a strong supporter of press freedom.”

The Conservative in the World

Born 1941 George Will has been one of the leaders of the American Conservative movement. Jay Nordlinger interviewed legendary thinker.

I mentioned that American conservatives are different — or have been — from conservatives elsewhere. Here is Will on us versus the Continent: “European conservatism traces back to blood and soil, throne and altar, hierarchical societies, a conservatism that exists to preserve ancient structures and ranks in society. That is not American conservatism. American conservatism is about equipping people for, and reconciling them to, the vicissitudes of a free society, which is much more complicated, but much more gratifying.”

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