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Is addiction to coffee beneficial for you?

Do you feel excited about drinking your morning coffee? Are you able to function throughout the day, without it?

“It’s everyone’s favourite psychoactive drug. It’s the one we take more often than anything else,” says Merlin Thomas, professor of medicine at Monash University. It improves focus, it improves optimism, it makes some people feel relaxed. It gives a lot of people … the energy to do what needs to be done.”

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You Should Embrace Healthful Sun Exposure

For many decades people have been taught that sun exposure is harmful. Hence, the need to avoid sunlight as much as possible. A health expert on this topic has strongly recommended people to think twice about this age old advice, as it can result in converse health issues…

“It’s really important to realize that your body is designed to benefit from sun exposure, and if you’re diabetic or have heart disease, it may well be one of the missing factors”.

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Australians have died from the flu already this flu season

Australian medical experts are warning that there will be a higher incidence of individuals hospitalised or dying from the flu this year. They are urging Australians to be prepared and boost their immune system.

“Researchers estimate there will be about 4000 deaths for flu-related complications in 2019, and about two million cases across the country.
Child and adolescent health researcher Professor Robert Booy from the University of Sydney said the total was likely to be the highest since 2017”.

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5G Health Effects: Is This Wireless Technology Even Safe?

Is the age of new mobile technology adversely affecting people’s health? Is faster internet connection really a good trade off for increased health risks? What are the less publicised consequences of embracing 5G internet technology?

“A scientific article also published in 2018 points out how the high frequency millimeter waves (MMW) that power 5G have been linked to significant health implications. Are we willing to expose millions of Americans to even higher levels of electromagnetic radiation through wireless technologies when we don’t even know what the true 5G health effects really are?.”

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