Human Rights Watch urged Trump to retract his campaign proposals

Human Rights Watch Organization urged President-elect Donald Trump to retract from his most controversial campaign promises that violate dignity of human person. “If implemented by your administration would violate fundamental human rights and be deeply damaging to millions of people in the United States and abroad”, Executive Director of Human Rights Watch Kenneth Roth said in his letter.

The letter discusses ten issues including tortures, the Guantanamo detention camp, the free media, healthcare, women rights, the protection of environment, the relations with “abusive states”: Russia, Syria, Egypt and deportation of immigrants.

Mr. Roth pointed at the recent violations of human rights by the Russian regime: targeting and besieging civilians in opposition-held parts of the country and military, technical, financial support to the Assad regime in Syria. Moscow provided Damascus with political protection at the UN Security Council.

Human Rights Watch Executive warned President-elect that his plans to deport “millions” of immigrants if implemented they would harm credibility of the United States around the world and put the state in collision with the international law. Mr. Roth explained that the consequence of such action would be “massive rights violations.”

“People with deep ties in the US, who contribute to their families and communities, pay the price. The risks to due process and community safety are also severe.”, he stated.

Although President-elect “stepped back from some proposals” Mr Roth suggested it is not sufficient because ”
none has been clearly and unequivocally retracted”.

Mr. Roth and Human Rights Watch joined chorus of concerned American organisations and individuals, in calling President-elect Trump to withdraw nomination for former Breitbart News Editor Steve Bannon to the White House Special Advisor.

"Regardless of whether you believe Bannon personally holds those views, his appointment to a high-level position sends the message that your administration will tolerate and perhaps even endorse or encourage views that might incite violence, discrimination, or hatred against marginalized populations."

On Tuesday afternoon President-elect Trump during the interview with the New York Times journalists seemed not to understand the essence of the accusations against Mr. Bannon. He compared Bannon's website to New York Times and strongly defended his decision: "I think it’s very hard on him. I think he’s having a hard time with it. Because it’s not him. It’s not him."

Trump also again confirmed that immigration issue is his priority. "I feel very strongly about an immigration bill that I think even the people in this room can be happy. You know, you’ve been talking about immigration bills for 50 years and nothing’s ever happened. I feel very strongly about an immigration bill that’s fair and just and a lot of other things.", he said.

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