Castro Regime Tries To Discredit Protesting Dissident

Cuban regime is trying to discredit the democracy activist Jorge Cervantes, who continues his hunger strike in protest against his unlawful arrest that took place 35 days ago.

After the illegal arrest of Mr. Cervantes, another UNPACU activist and leader Mr. José Daniel Ferrer tweeted that the prison authorities humiliated his friend with beatings. The regime functionaries forced him to stay without clothes in his prison cell.

Mr. Cervantes, who has been finally allowed to seek medical treatment for his kidneys failure agreed in presence of his ill mother to eat a small amount of food when his protest will end, Diario de Cuba, the Cuban opposition newspaper reported.

“I have a paralysis of my right eye”, Verdecia García, the Cervantes’ mother said in an interview for the newspaper. “He cared for me more than I did for him. So I asked him to take some porridge when the strike is over”.

“He is reluctant to eat. He says that he will not go on trial because the charges against him were fabricated”, Garcia added.

Meanwhile “a Colonel from Havana” appeared in the Cervantes’ hospital room and with a promise to resolve his case after he stops his protest. But according to the Cuban opposition it was a trap to record video of Mr. Cervantes and subsequently discredit him in the regime’s media.

Cervantes, who is an activist of UNPACU, the biggest opposition organization in Cuba, was arrested on May 23rd. The Cuba political police told his wife that he was charged with “contempt and attack” against Interior Ministry officials in Las Tunas.

UNPACU activists argue that the charges are false and that persecutions against Cervantes are due to his allegations that the Communist Party leaders and political police functionaries in the province are corrupted.

Cervantes is one of the most active members of UNPACU movement. Cervantes’ wife said that since September 2016 he was arrested 14 times and the State Security operatives broke into his house 8 times.

(Diario de Cuba, pht)


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