China Silences Its Media on Liu Xiaobo, the Dissident Group Says

Chinese authorities from Ministry of Truth issued a directive to state media to not to discuss situation of the terminally-ill Nobel prize winner writer and activist Liu Xiaobo, the CDT, Chinese dissident group, informed.

The group revealed the content of its original directive from the Chinese authorities that was leaked on the internet, which stated: “All websites: do not report, comment, or repost on Liu Xiaobo’s medical parole or related matters.”

The DTC stated that it did not want to reveal where this information originated from in order to protect its source.

Chinese dissidents also emphasized also that the San Francisco-based Dui Hua Foundation clarified that “it is not correct to say that the prisoner granted medical parole is ‘free,’ nor is it correct to say that the prisoner has been ‘released,’” as some reports have done.

(CDT, Dui Ha Foundation)

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