Labor Government Condemned For Making Life of WA Poor Tougher

Massive increase of charges and fees to Western Australians by Labor State government was condemned by the WA Council of Social services.

The State government announced its annual increase of $169 to the fixed-access cost for electricity, 6 per cent increase in water and sewerage charges, and 1.8 per cent increase in public transport costs.

The Council Chief Executive Ms. Louise Giolitto criticized the decision of government: “Increasing the cost of essential household fees and charges in this way will directly result in more vulnerable and low-income households in financial hardship.”

“The increase will directly result in more vulnerable and low-income households in financial hardship.”

““Wage growth is flat and increasing numbers of households in hardship seeking assistance are being turned away from overstretched services… The $66 increase to the Energy Assistance Payment to those with a Commonwealth healthcare or pensioner’s concession card is clearly inadequate.”, the Council of Social services said in the statement.

Ms. Giolitto appealed to the Labor government to “quarantine low-income households from these price rises through matching concessions”.

Labor leader Mr. Mark McGowan campaigned on the platform of creative and innovative ideas to improve economy but his government appear to explain its slow of progress with the inability to encourage GST reform.

During recent campaign Mr. Wyatt employed an enormous effort to convince Western Australian voters that he had a good plan to rebuild Western Australia finances. Many families in WA would like that Mr. Wyatt would include “a quarantine low-income households” from recent increase of these prices.

(Guardian Express, pht)


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