Extremely Low Turnout in French Elections

PARIS – By 5 p.m. local time only 40.75 percent registered voters casted their vote in the first round of the Parliamentary elections on Sunday. This is historically the lowest turnout in the last two decades. The abstention was 51.6 percent.

42% of 7877 candidates in 577 constituencies were females.

The next round will take place on Sunday.

The likely result:

Le mouvement La République En Marche! 32,2%, (President Macron Party)
les Républicains, 21,5%,
le FN, 14 %, (Nationalist Party of Marie Le Pen)
France insoumise (Communist) 11%,
Socialist Party 10%
Others 3.3%
Ecology 3%

Seats in Parliament:
Le mouvement La République En Marche! 330-430, (President Macron Party)
les Républicain 85-125
le FN, 3-10 (Nationalist Party of Marie Le Pen)
Socialist Coalition 20-35
France insoumise 11-21
Others 7-12.

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