Authors of Malware Allowing Trucks To Cross the Border Without Control Arrested in Bulgaria

Twenty three suspects had been arrested during an operation against an international organised crime group involving hackers using malware against the Customs Agency’s computer systems, Bulgaria’s chief directorate against organised crime stated on May 19.

The Interior Ministry said that among detains are hackers, representatives of traders, former and current Customs Agency inspectors.

Under the supervision of the Special Prosecutor’s Office, directorate special police raided homes, businesses and offices of the Custom Agency in Sofia, Dobrich, Varna, Dragoman and Kalotina.

The police operation was directed against the group of smugglers, which was using hackers that had created malware allowing to access remotely the Customs Agency computer system.

The programming was intended to mislead the system so that it would wrongly indicate that lorries carrying goods had passed through customs checks.

(Panorama, pht)

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