Franklin Graham Invites Persecutors of Christians

A high-ranking representative of Russian Orthodox Church Bishop Illarion arrived on Friday to the World Summit in Defense of Persecuted Christians in Washington. In the latest report prominent human rights organization Freedom House said that in Russia and its Church “repression of many denominations of Christianity is an increasing fact of life”.

Ilarion heads 10 members delegation of Russian Orthodox Church officials to the Summit.

Graham mission, and Franklin Graham himself, who tried to impose his specific narrative regarding the victory of Donald Trump in last presidential elections ignored the fact the Russian Orthodox Church is responsible for introducing of religious laws that deny religious freedom in Russia.

Russian Orthodox Church is closely associated with government since Russian law is lacking principle of the division of state from church. Under the influence of Russian lawmakers linked with Russian Orthodox Church Russian Duma introduced new Religion Law. The provision of Chapter 23 of the Law banned Christian churches from evangelization on the street and public places including private apartments, with exception of their house of prayers. Russian Protestant Christians cannot freely print, publish and distribute religious literature neither pray in public places. The punishment for breaching of these laws ranges from fines up to US $780 to imprisonment.

Graham Franklin blindness appears to be a family problem since his father, Billy Graham, after visiting Soviet Union in 1982 contrary to truth stated that Soviet citizens are enjoying religious freedom and never apologized.

Unlike its Protestants hosts the Russian Orthodox Church was able to use opportunity to be in Washington DC for propaganda of the Putin’s message.

Ilarion, a head of International Affairs Department of the Russian Orthodox Church, who is close to Vladimir Putin, called on US vice-president Mike Pence to cooperate with Russia on battle with terrorism. Ilarion paid visit to US vice-president on Friday.

The summit that began on May 10th gathered persecuted Christians from 130 countries. Billy Graham Association used the Summit as its fund-raiser placing on its website posts with appeal for donations “to the Summit”.


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