McGowan’s New Strategy For Fair GST Share

In dramatic move Western Australia’s Premier Mark McGowan set an ultimatum for the Federal Government in his struggle for fair share in GST returns for the state. Mr. McGowan stated, during his interview for 6PR on Wednesday morning, that the access of Eastern States to the Continental LNG gas pipeline will depend on the increase of GST share for Western Australia.

“In order to get our agreement to it they’d need to make some improvements to the GST”, Mr. McGowan stated.

“If they treat us with contempt and they do not fix the major issues confronting WA, and yet when they have a crisis they expect us to help them — I would link those two issues absolutely.”

WA’s share will rise in 2017-18 from its record low of 30.3c to a still pitiful 34.4c. This equates to an extra $378 million in revenue, for a total of $2.354 billion.

When Mr. McGowan took office in March as a new Premier he made a promise to fight for the fair GST share for the Western Australia.

It has been reported that none of the Federal Members from Western Australia who are Ministers in the current government, including Ms. Julie Bishop and Mr. Christian Porter, has done “next to nothing” to improve the situation.

(6PR, pht)

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