Premier, Liberals receive death threats, Labor silent

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During the long and cultured campaign Labor leader Mark McGowan presented himself as friendly and responsible politician. He helped to prepare food on the street, served hot drinks at the cafes and chatted as old friend with voters. McGowan hid old male politicians like Bill Johnston and chose to appear with young females to soften even more his image of being calm and warm character.

But the incident that took place today may shatter that peculiar image of new leader that has been built with such a diligence and rigour.

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Premier Colin Barnett, Deputy Premier Lisa Harvey and at least six other Liberal politicians received letters with open death threats and were forced to hold their last press conference during this campaign in a secured location of the Premier’s office.

“This is a warning to both you and your family. You stuffed up my life and my business through your party’s behavior. So now every time you hear a bang or you think someone is watching you, it will be us. Women, children we will get them.” – the letter said.

“I guess in my case I’m a little bit used to that but to many of the newer and younger members of Parliament and their families it is incredibly frightening and I really feel for them,” Mr Barnett told Nine News.

Author of this letter clearly targets politicians and their spouses and children.

If it is not a terrorist threat equal to the one sent by, for instance, in the past Red Army Faction or more recently by Al Qaeda operatives then what is it?

The content and form of the letter is reminiscent of the Soviet practice of using violence against the political opponents. It should not be any place for such behavior in matured and prosperous country as Western Australia. Bolshevik-mindset that allows for using violence including terrorism and murder for the benefit of political party is antinomous to the principles and values of democracy.

As prospective new leader of WA Mark McGowan, and his colleagues, has a moral obligation to condemn immediately the life threat directed at his opponents. Any decent politician and candidate must do it. It should be clear that such behavior is unacceptable in politics of Western Australia.

If Labor leader chooses silence than he will confirm that all of the image built for him during the campaign is just … an image and he is another weak, calculating and insecure politician of old type.


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