Time For Premier Barnett To Tear Up Agreement with One Nation Leader

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Under the normal conditions a side that breaks contract is being perceived as a villain. But there are unusual circumstances that to be principled one needs to withdraw from association with a partner. In such circumstances is Liberal Party of Western Australia and Premier Colin Barnett confronted with the Senator Pauline Hanson’s open admiration for the most dangerous tyrant of our times Vladimir Putin of KGB and Russia.

Senator Pauline Hanson disclosed her warm feelings for Putin during the interview on ABC.

In such situation Premier should break agreement with One Nation Party since its leader praised anti-Australian values of deeply inhumane state system powered up by KGB (under different name) .


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Senator not only revealed her sheer ignorance of a real situation in Russia (Senator is in position to have detailed and accurate knowledge) but her behavior was reminiscent of the Putin’s political puppets in Europe.

Senator Pauline Hanson in forty seconds contradicted all of her statements that appreciate Australian values and principles choosing instead to praise rules and regulations that not only disregard human rights and democracy but also are “anti” in Greek sense of this word. The Putin’s regime dictate replaced any laws that in democracy spring out of natural law.

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So in the Putin’s world:

Lie stands in place of truth.
Tortures and disregard of dignity of human person replaced human rights.
Surveillance and control stand in place of personal liberties.
Annexation and invasion replaced respect for international law.
State censored Internet and media replaced free press.

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Senator Hanson in forty seconds denied all of her statements that appreciate Australian values choosing instead to praise rules that stand in contradiction to democracy and human rights.

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“”So many Australians here want that leadership here in Australia”, Senator observed referring to Vladimir Putin on ABC Insiders program. She stated “so many” having no shred of evidence of supposed Putin’s popularity in Australia.

The ignorance was on full display in the second statement. “I think he is a strong man and I think about 97 per cent of people in his country respect him as a leader for their nation”, she added. “She added, citing a non-specific Russian opinion poll” the ABC editors commented.

Senator started her interview with a bold statement “I am better informed than twenty years ago.”

Clearly Senator Hanson is not informed that under Putin system Russian citizens are stripped of almost all of personal liberties and freedom.

The police, judicial and administrative system of persecution and intimidation of dissent have been restored on the Soviet scale.

Kremlin built a massive propaganda machine of several television stations that treat Russian viewer like actor manipulates with its puppet. One day the editors installed by Kremlin are pumping hatred towards the United States, the other day the talk show hosts and “news” journalist saturate positive emotions for Donald Trump.

Putin targeted European Union with his machine of disinformation, manipulation and confusion to sow the seed of enmity between nations of the Old Continent.

The regime is destroying every sign of a new opposition including with targeted assassinations of the prospective strong leaders who could replace Vladimir Putin like former Russian Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov.

Kremlin pays attention to the smallest detail in their mission to terrify, enslave and coopt citizens, who dare to think and act independently. For instance, Moscow police regularly removes the temporary memorial of few flowers and candles that remind of the murder of Boris Nemtsov on the bridge opposite of the Putin’s windows of his Kremlin offices.

The Kremlin state decides even which websites are accessible for Russians. For instance on the list of the prohibited ones are both the independent opinion magazine that was permitted by Gorbachev and Linkedin service – they were blocked by Putin’s regime.

Russian citizens risk imprisonment if they decide to stand in one person in public place with a self-made banner in silence expressing they protest against the police regime that is breaking basic human rights every day. The so-called “single-person demonstrations” are prohibited by the criminal law of Putin’s Russia.

Recently released political prisoner, human rights activist Mr. Ildar Dadin who was pronounced by Putin’s courts guilty of attending single-person demonstration said that he was tortured in one of the labor camps. The group of prison guards led by the director inflicted on him tortures that  included severe beatings, exposing on extremely loud noises, holding in a room at temperature below zero degrees and hanging him with a rope tied to his hands shackled behind his back.

None of these type of tortures differed from those practiced at Guantanamo. At Guantanamo they were applied to terrorist caught with weapon in hand but in Putin’s Guantanamo the political dissent who had a protest poster was tortured.

Mr. Dadin revealed morally repugnant behavior of the employees and the systemic evil of Putin’s regime prisons in an interview for Radio Free Europe – Svoboda after he was released last week.

“On September 15th [2016 -ed.] they brought me to the director of the camp again. Lieutenant Major and some other employees were there. “How long you were hanged?” he asked me. “I do not know, I did not have watch at me”, I replied. Then he turned to an employee and asked: “How long he was hanged: half an hour or one hour?” “Half an hour”, this employee said. He was asking with a tone of voice as if it would have taking place every week, a routine work for them – to torture prisoners. And the worst is that I contemplated about killing myself, because they broke me morally with tortures. For three days I was tortured with cold temperature when they opened door of my room that led out of the building. I know a man who was held for 10 days at temperature of -10 C. I was exposed on cold for one day and was shaking from coldness. I could not sleep. I am not talking about the torture with shackles… You are not scared to die because it is the only solution for you to stop these sufferings. Death is not so terrible there, the tortures are that inflict an excruciating pain on you day after day.”

The Russian court also unjustly sentenced Russian opposition candidate in presidential elections Alexei Navalny for the second time although the European Court of Human Rights found him innocent.

Senator Hanson claimed levels of support for Putin that in his political theater are not desired. One Nation leader in her act of admiration of Russian dictator inadvertently or maybe prophetically put him in the same category as hopeless despots in Chechnya and North Korea who regularly enjoy elections results that are not less than 98 percent. (In 2012 Putin “won only” 63.18 percent of votes. The “opposition” candidates shared the rest.)

It is not clear whether her tweet criticizing Australian media relates to the reaction on her statement about the most dangerous dictator of our times Vladimir Putin of KGB and Russia.

“The media’s obsession with manufactured controversies is why they’re failing.” she twitted. “Aussies want media to talk about things that matter!” she added.

Obviously, these are the issues or to be precise this is an issue, that according to Senator Hanson, do not matter for Australians, who were stunned by the act of mass murder perpetrated by Kremlin’s mercenaries, that is shooting down of the Malaysian Airlines Flight with all 283 passengers and 15 crew on board including Australians.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull rightly condemned the statement of Senator Hanson.

“Vladimir Putin’s Russia is not and should not be an object of admiration in any respect,” Mr Turnbull told reporters.
“It should withdraw from the territory it’s occupied in the Ukraine and it should provide the information that we know they have on the identity of the people who shot down the MH17 airliner and in doing so murdered 38 Australians.”

But in Western Australia silence of senior politicians is defining. But Senator Hanson reaps the harvest of popular disappointment with the economic results of the two terms of the Liberal government in WA.

Senator Pauline Hanson’s admiration of Vladimir Putin may be an isolated symptom of political myopia but it can be also a sign of something more dangerous that the experienced leaders like, for instance, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has difficulty to deter.

This should alarm those who watch whether there has been opened any outside channel of an unwanted influence on Australian politics, similar to those, which operate in Europe disrupting democracies and confusing citizens.

Scandalous support for Putin expressed by the One Party leader should suffice for Mr. Colin Barnett and Liberal Party of Western Australia to immediately tear up the agreement made with a politician that not only does not understand Australians but also praises anti-Australian values that Vladimir Putin of KGB and Russia represent.

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