Three Terror Attacks in Europe Before Russian Summit on Syria





In an incident with circumstances that are still unclear the Russian Ambassador to Turkey was shot dead in Ankara, the capital of Turkey on Monday night.

The diplomat was opening the photo exhibition “Turkey in the eyes of Russian” in the local museum of contemporary art when a gunman identified as a Turkish police officer responsible for the protection of Russian man shot him from behind.

According to media reports the attacker shouted that he was taking revenge for crimes against humanity committed by Russians in Aleppo, Syria.

Kremlin reacted immediately in the statement by the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who called the shooting at the Ankara museum “a terrorist attack” and claimed that Russia will demand the case to be discussed by the United Nations Security Council.

Mr. Putin also spoke and called the death of his Ambassador “a provocation”.

It may not be coincidence that what appears to be a liquidation of the Russian Ambassador took a day before a scheduled meeting of Iran, Turkey and Russia on the issue of Syria. One should also take under account yesterday the terrorist act against civilians in Europe took place in Zurich where number of people were injured at the Islamic Centre and Berlin when at least 12 were killed and 50 injured after the hijacked van drove into the Christmas market.

All of these incidents may not be isolated but constitute another wave of fear against Western society before Christmas. It also follows the decision of the European Union to extend economic sanctions against Russia.

(AP, CNNTurk, pht)

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