Beijing Must Know That Their Hostile Foreign Policy Has Consequences

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President-elect Donald J. Trump sent the right message when he accepted a congratulatory call from Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen Friday, despite the uproar from Red China and America’s left-wing commentariat, the Southern California Republican Congressman being considered for Secretary of State stated.

Rohrabacher said also that Trump ‘showed the dictators in Beijing that he’s not a pushover.’

‘You’ve got to remember, China has had an enormously aggressive foreign policy, and by him actually going to Taiwan, he’s showing the people in Beijing that they cannot have this aggressive foreign policy and expect to be treated just the same by an American president.

‘So I think it was a terrific message to them: We’re no longer going to be pushovers, and there’s going to be consequences for their hostile and aggressive actions,’ Rohrabacher said.

Some Western observers and foreign policy veterans rushed to the conclusion that the United States must meet Communist China’s expectations to relate to Taiwan as a semi-district of Beijing. The majority of Western media, owned or co-owned by Communist China capital, increased pressure on the President-elect and his team, defending Chinese Communist’s position. Some Washington commentators even called President-elect call to Taiwan a sign of his incompetency and a rushed decision.

Experts familiar with Trump strategy on foreign policy revealed to Washington Post that the president-elect was fully aware of U.S. relations with China and Taiwan, and had planned the call for some weeks,

It is evident that current administration will change dramatically conditions of the bilateral relations with China.

Rep. Rohrabacher, as Larry Ong from Epoch Times reminded, is a longtime critic of the Chinese regime and its human rights violations. He called for a boycott of the 2008 Beijing Olympics unless the regime ended its human rights abuses, and co-sponsored four separate House resolutions condemning the organ harvesting of prisoners of conscience in China.

In “Hard to Believe”, an award-winning documentary that aired on PBS last year, Rohrabacher said that the harvesting of organs from practitioners of the spiritual discipline Falun Gong and others is “one of the evils of our time,” and that the Chinese “gangster regime doesn’t deserve to be treated like an economic and political partner.”


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