The Truth Behind “Thousands” of Castro Mourners

Although some aged Cubans may authentically mourn Fidel Castro due to the continuous regime’s propaganda to portray the dictator as their father and servant, many others who were being seen on the José Martí in the Plaza of the Revolution might not come voluntarily.

The Western media in its reports from the Plaza focused on the multitudes paying respects to Castro.

“Out of loyalty, obligation, or perhaps a bit of both, they lined up for hours on Monday to pay respects to Castro…” wrote Washington Post in the article that in the other corner of the world Sydney Morning Herald reprinted.

Fidel Castro mourned “by thousands” headlined Daily Mail in the United Kingdom. “Thousands of distraught supporters line up at Havana’s Plaza of the Revolution to bid farewell to Cuban leader”, the Mail wrote.

Another Australian daily newspaper wrote also about “tens of thousands” Cubans observing that “the government invited people to the square”.

None reporter cared to check what is the reality but the facts are abundant.

Renowned Cuban journalist, who also walked among the “mourners” in Havana commented: “the official media claim that there are few people in the street of the capital because they are overwhelmed by pain… the truth is that Cubans are afraid, very afraid.”

Whom Cuban people are being afraid? Perth Herald Tribune asked respected human rights defender from Cuba.

On the regime demand Cubans are being taken in organised groups after work to the Plaza. They are practically being forced to be “mourners”.

“It is not easy to reject “invitation” because the secret police is watching very carefully. If somebody would like to abstain he or she would be immediately notify by the Cuban intelligence.”

“People are afraid being arrested and taken to prison.”

The Cuban journalist concludes: the regime permitted thousands of foreign journalists to come to  but “the interviewees on the streets will only tell “official version””.  This is p


PH Tribune commentary: 

It should be obvious for Western journalist who aspire to report for mainstream newspapers that dictatorship does not “invite” anyone. The dictatorship forces its subjects to follow its orders. Any resistance is being severely punished by arrest, tortures, imprisonment or even death.

Mainstream media have unique opportunity to tell truth about the Castro regime and the situation of Cuban people. It is time to reveal the nature of dictatorship and its oppressive policies when eyes of many people are turned on Cuba. Unfortunately media once again are trying to create its facts and end up with fake news.

The mainstream newspapers, which began mocking readers with their astonishing praise of the criminal almost immediately after his death continue to misinform and lie on the reality of life in Cuba. This act of blatant disrespect to the readers must be challenged and called by name: this is shocking manipulation of the so-called free media who double their effort to dumb down the readers.

Perhaps the recent political events in the USA and Britain will continue and also affect “the media” that are not only useless and not profitable but due to its potential for manipulation (as the above example illustrates) are extremely dangerous for the social fabric of the democratic societies. 



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