Moscow authorities closed Amnesty International Russian office

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MOSCOW The officials from the Moscow municipal office broke into the office of Amnesty International early Wednesday morning, Ivan Kondratyev, director of Amnesty in Russia informed.

Today at about 9.30 a.m. the officials opened the door by force, exchanged locks and left an official stamp that bars from opening without presence of a representative from the Moscow municipality. The electricity was also cut off from the office.

Amnesty employees cannot access their computers and documentation since nobody at the City Council office answers their phone-calls. They are shocked that the officials did not inform them about their decision in writing choosing instead to break into their offices.

“When asked to explain the reason for their forceful attempt to open the door the officials cited “rental issues””, Alexander Artemyev from Amnesty International Russia said.

Artemyev explained that until today the agency had not any problems with renting of the office in twenty years. He is concerned that Moscow council might have decided about to evict the human rights organization.

Kremlin’s Spokeperson, like in Soviet times, allegedly was surprised by the information about the closure of the Amnesty offices and recommended to talk to organization.

“Alarming news: Moscow tries to shut down worldwide human rights monitor”, Dinah PoKempner from Human Rights Watch tweeted. “Diplomats, citizens of the world: please voice your concern!”, she added.

Yesterday the Amnesty International in Russia demanded unconditional and immediate release of the opposition activist Mr. Ildar Dadin allegedly tortured while serving a 2,5 years sentence for protesting against Putin regime’s crackdown on personal liberties in Russia. Previously Mr. Dadin in an unusual open letter published in the independent Russian websites described the horrors of tortures and death threats by the prison’s authorities. The audacity of crimes surprised many Russian journalists who demanded from the Mr Putin’s spokesman a reaction.

Ildar Dadin’s allegations of beatings, humiliation and rape threats are shocking, but unfortunately they are just the latest in a string of credible reports indicating that torture and other ill treatment are being widely used in the Russian penal system with impunity, with the aim of silencing any form of dissent,” said Sergei Nikitin, Director of Amnesty International Russia in the article.

Last week Putin’s regime suffered a prestigious defeat being expelled from the Human Rights Council at the United Nations due to the bombardment of the civilians in Aleppo, Syria by the Russian military.


The Amnesty International employees in Russia cannot convey it but the free world press must explain that in the world of Putin’s regime the municipality or any other branch of power is under the control of the Kremlin.

In consequence it is unimaginable that the Moscow city officials would independently decide about such an outright and brutal attack on the reputable international organization. Such a move must have been premeditated and its consequences analysed.

The sponsors of the attack intended to shock public opinion of the free world. It is also clear that Putin’s regime with this attack is sending a signal to dissent in Russia that any attempt of the revolt will be severely punished. He will not tolerate any criticism of his regime including breaking of human rights.

He can invade any country, inflict tortures, break into computer systems, run the campaign of lies and disinformation, misappropriate Russian budgetary means without fear of international reaction.

Putin’s regime has a long record of actions that shocked and terrified public opinion of the world.

Putin has already morphed into Stalin who would kill millions with a smile on his face and lies on his mouth.


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