All Quiet on the Cuban Front

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Photo:Mr. Fidel and Raúl Modesto (Raul) Castro, unelected leaders of the Communist Cuba regime are depriving Cuban people of inalienable rights and liberties

My Weekly Denunciation of Castro’s Dictatorship


Aghost is wandering around Cuba, and it is not precisely the Socialist ghost that John Reed warned about in his book “Ten Days that Shook the World”. This one is more along the lines of another Marxist theoretician, Regis Debray, and his work “Revolution in the Revolution? Armed Struggle and Political Struggle in Latin America”. All the reforms (mutations in fact) that are usually attributed to Raúl Castro’s regime fall under these parameters.

“Within the Revolution everything goes; against the Revolution, nothing”, Fidel Castro said in 1961. It marked the beginning of the cultural repressions in our country. The concept of revolution has served as an excuse for the absence of the rule of law.

Although the relations with the United States were re-established, that was supposed to end the state of emergency in Cuba, the misnomered thaw has been used by the dictatorship to decree a virtual state of siege on the Island to justify the repression against the dissent.

The concept of revolution keeps on being the excuse for the absence of the rule of law in Cuba

On October 20th, the Union of Cuban Artists and Writers and the Association “Saiz Brothers”, that are the two chief cultural organizations affiliated with the government, accused the United States government that it conducts “a cultural and symbolic war” against Cuba. What are the casualties of this cultural war invented by the Castroism? There are plenty of examples.

On October 7th, the Union of Cuban Journalists (UPEC) fired journalist Jose Ramirez-Pantoja in Radio Holguin. The Cuban government controls this radio station and all of the media in Cuba. The journalist republished statements, that Ms. Karina Marron-Hernandez shared during UPEC’s 6th Annual Meeting on June 28th, on his personal blog. Ms. Marron-Hernandez is Deputy Director of “Granma” that is the official daily newspaper of the Communist Party of Cuba. At the Meeting Ms Marron warned delegates that the street protests were likely due to the worsening of the economic crisis in the country.

On October 12th, ten independent journalists were arrested in the city of Baracoa, in Cuba’s Eastern coast, while they attempted to report the damages caused by Hurricane Matthew.

The real cultural war is not waged by the US against Cuba, but by the Cuban regime against the Cuban people

On October 17th, the Inter-American Press Association (IAPA), during its Annual General Assembly held in Mexico City, addressed a statement to the Cuban government with demands of free speech and ending repressions against journalists.

The real cultural war is not waged by the United States against Cuba, but by the Cuban regime against the Cuban people. The strategy of the Cuban regime remains the same: isolating the opposition, whatever the origins and motives, and inducing fear in the people by association – nothing new in the modus operandi.

Everything is a part of the same scheme: the molding of the social character of the Cuban population according to the wishes of the regime. The Castro regime holds absolute control over the social, economic and political life in the country. Thanks to this policy the regime can fake liberalization reforms.  It conceals the fact that it is not implementing any democratisation reforms with imposing fear and repression of dissent.

Meanwhile, the war continues behind the curtains. From time to time, as in an Erich Maria Remarque’s observed, a bullet gets away, somebody gets shot, and a casualty is recorded. The important achievement of Castroism is that the public opinion, both the national and international, is convinced that “All Quiet on the Cuban Front”.

Omar López Montenegro is human rights Director at the Cuban American National Foundation



In solidarity with Cuban freedom fighters

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