EXCLUSIVE Ten witnesses of MH17 tragedy stepped out, says analyst

Ten individuals are willing to share their knowledge about the shot down of MH17 over Eastern Ukraine by the Russian BUK missile with the Joint Investigative Committee if the Netherlands offer them protection measures and EU passport, the Ukrainian information agency reported.

Although it is not clear the report would suggest that among the potential witnesses are the pro-Russian terrorists with the inside knowledge about the tragedy since such witnesses could face life threats.

Agency quoted Mr. Valery Solovev, a well informed Russian analytic with a wide network of sources in Ukraine and Russia.

“The International Joint Committee was approached by ten witnesses, who want to exchange their testimony about the crash of MH17 Boeing for the Dutch citizenship and security”, Solovev wrote on his Facebook. “This is a golden key to the truth”, Solovev commented.

On September 28th, 2016 the Joint Investigative Committee presented evidence that Malaysian flight was shot down by the Russian ZRK BUK launcher that was transported from Russia to eastern Ukraine. The Committee informed that the civilian plane was targeted by the 9M38 missile that is not in the arsenal of the Ukrainian army.

The International Committee has conducted the complex information campaign that included ads in local media and direct phone messages to encourage more witnesses in the Donbas region who may have knowledge about the tragedy to talk to the specialists at the offices in Ukraine. The investigators informed that the Committee have already selected more than 100 witnesses whose role in the crime is currently being analyzed.

The International investigators, in the interview with Dutch media, informed also that the special value witnesses may be offered protection program adequate to the degree of the danger. They specifically mentioned that the members of the Joint Investigative Committee can provide new names and passports if necessary.




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