Australia and Israel will boost the innovation economy, Prime Ministers say

We will see a lot more collaboration between Australian and Israeli innovators and financiers, Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull, said during the meeting with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu in New York on Wednesday.

The Office of Prime Minister of Israel provided the quotes of the statements made by both politicians, who met in New York during the annual session of the United Nations General Assembly.

During the talks Prime Minister Netanyahu emphasised that Australia and Israel have a solid friendship.  “It’s always a pleasure to see you. You’re a great friend of Israel and I’m looking forward to coming to visit Australia.”

I’m looking forward to seeing you in Israel soon, said Mr Netanyahu.

“Innovations secure prosperity”

Prime Minister of Australia reminded that this year Australia and Israel launched together the first centre of innovation.

Really, the start-up nation has been great inspiration to our whole innovation agenda. As you know, that’s the way you have to stay ahead in the 21st century – you have to innovate, to take on the challenges of technology and bring the imagination to bear on technology.”  That’s how you secure prosperity, Mr Turnbull concluded.

“We both have innovative nations and we can do a lot more together than we can separately.”, Mr Netanyahu replied.

Prime Minister Netanyahu and Prime Minister Turnbull exchanged also observations regarding the history of both countries.
” We owe you one for the Australian troops and the liberation of our country from the Ottoman Empire. That was a great event. I think it was the last cavalry rush in history”, Netanyahu observed.

The last cavalry charge – that’s right, in Be’er Sheba, Malcolm Turnbull, corrected.

Former Israeli Ambassador to the United States Michael Oren, who was present called the meeting of both leaders “fascinating and inspiring”.

“Australia is a true friend of Israel and those bonds were fully displayed in the leaders’ warm discussion”, said Mr. Oren.

Australian-Israeli center for innovation in Tel Aviv

The Australian Innovation Minister Christopher Pyne visited Australia in December 2015. He said his department allocated $36 million towards creating five landing pads around the world to help Australian tech companies get a foot in foreign markets.

The pads will be a physical space for Australians who are looking to undertake entrepreneurial activity in the overseas location with access to venture capital funds, facilities and contacts. The first pad was opened this year in a trendy Tel Aviv suburb.

On a practical level, the ‘innovation landing pad’ means the Australian Government is now funding a small office space in one of the most in-demand shared workplaces in the city.

Direct flights between Australia and Israel

Australia and Israel are determined to remove any barriers preventing close cooperation, authorities of both countries declared.

On Thursday Australian Ambassador Dave Sharma revealed that has begun working toward the establishment of direct flights between Israel and Australia. He said that every Australian he encountered, who visits Israel for the first time returns to Australia determined to improve the relationship between their homeland and the Holy Land, and that the same goes for Israelis returning from Australia.

Sharma noted that with today’s advances in air travel, it is possible to make the flight in 16.5 hours. He said that currently he is looking into the financial viability of setting up such an endeavor.

12,000 Israelis visit Australia every year, while 35,000 Aussies visit Israel – according to Sharma.  Australia and Israel’s work permit allows currently 500 Israelis to legally fly over to Australia and work for one year. In 2016 this quota was filled within three months. Australia will consider increasing the limit to 1,000 Israelis.




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