Australian MP calls for a just wealth distribution

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CANBERRA – Cowan Representative Professor Anne Aly in her first, speech to the House of Representatives, that lasted over twenty minutes, called for a federal government plan to distribute wealth created by Australian economy that would equally address needs for social justice and fiscal discipline.

“I am calling for, and dedicating my parliamentary career to, the creation of a national strategy to deliver the benefits of growth to the outer suburbs of every city in Australia” – Professor Aly said.

She specifically emphasised scarcity of public debate on distribution of wealth contrasting it with the abundance of attention on talk about economic growth.

“The era of putting the economy first and our society a distant second is over”, representative of Cowan claimed, reminding Members of House Representatives about their obligation to promote the people on the edge who live on the peripheries of the Australian cities.



“The era of putting the economy first and
our society a distant second is over”


Professor Aly, who is a world-renowned counterterrorism expert, addressing the smear campaign against her during the elections led by prominent Liberal Party politicians, including Minister of Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop, pointed at the lack of understanding of the nature of real community that her political rivals demonstrated.

She repeatedly praised her electorate for decency and choosing, what she called, “a tolerant nation, happy with the reality of what it now is, a multicultural country” over the One Nation Party ideas promoted by “the peddlers of division” clearly indicating that she had also the authors of the smear campaign in her mind.

“What they do not see is the way that people actually live—as people connected to each other by the bonds of community, trust and mutual respect.” – she said.

Professor Anne Aly said that her electorate “a warm and trusting heart” represents the best of the country and as other suburban electorates is waiting for policies that Labor promoted in its electoral campaign. “A secure Medicare; a Gonski needs-based funding model for our schools; more apprenticeships for our young people; affordable higher education; and the winding back of negative gearing, to allow young families to buy a home and gain a stake in our society” – Professor Aly reminded.

The new Member for Cowan during her speech left no doubt that the Australian politicians need to overcome their political divisions and rivalries and unite to address urgent need for wise and just policies from counterterrorism to the distribution of economic growth.




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